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Terms and Conditions Nature's Art


Our terms and conditions apply to all of the items offered or sold by us on our website or else.




Price quotes are valid for 2 weeks, unless stated otherwise. Prices on the website are incl. VAT, prices mentioned in quotations are exclusive of VAT, unless expressly stated otherwise. Prices quoted on the website and quotations are exclusive of transport.

Orders can only be placed in writing, by email or via our official website at


Placing an order confirms that the customer has read and accepted these terms.


Nature's Arts is not responsible for printing or typing errors, which reflects the price or other information of articles incorrectly in a quote or on the website. If applicable, we are not bound to provide an item at an incorrectly stated price or terms.


The price off transportation is calculated as best as we can, however for some area's or islands it could be more. In this event we will contact you regarding the extra cost. If  you wish, you could cancel the order and get full refund of your money .


Petrified wood is a natural product

Nature's Art does not guarantee the durability of the purchased item. Some examples of this are:


-In some cases color difference may occur.

-If a piece falls.

If Petrified Wood is placed outside, small pieces can break of depending on how heavy the frost. is




Buyer is responsible for placing the Petrified wood object.


Nature's Art can not be held liable for direct or indirect damage resulting from an item purchased from Nature's Art.




The final payment date for our invoices is 8 days after the invoice date.


The items delivered will be owned by Nature's Art until the purchase price is fully paid.


In case of late payment, we calculate 2 percent interest per month or part of a month over the unpaid amount. This is without any notice by Nature's Art. For a first notice, you own us 2%. After 3 reminders, we give the debtor's debit to a bailiff.


In case of failure to pay (surrender of payment, bankruptcy and so on) of the buyer, the claims of Nature's Art on the customer are immediately due.


In disputes, Belgian law applies.

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