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Upcoming Petrified Wood shipment

After a long wait, we finally have managed to ship another container full of our latest collection straight form our workshop in Indonesia.

Coming in approximately 2 months

When will it arrive? Can I pre-order/reserve them

Our container is expected to arrive to our European warehouse in approximately 2 months, we are starting to submit the products to the website, which are already able to be pre-ordered by clicking on them and adding the desired item to your cart.

Once the item is ordered, we wil receive a notification and the desired objects is reserved to you and once the container arrives we will send the item directly to you. ( No chance of losing the oportunity of having the desired object )

New types of products that we have never sold on our Webshop

We have decided to include some new types of items never been seen in our webshop before in addition to our usual items like washbasins, table tops, slices, side tables/pedestals, free form standing objects. Some of the new collections are ashtrays for our fellow Petrified Wood lovers who smokes, Petrified Wood bowls great to be used to serve food on parties, events or just as an eyecatcher/decoration in your home, very small slices that can be used for decorations in multiple settings ( hanged in your home walls, on a table or to be used with a stand and can also be used as paper weight ), we have also decided to include massage sticks made out of both Petrified Wood and Jasper.

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