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Nature's Art

About us

Nature's Art

The above actually speaks for itself, the art of nature. In this case it concerns petrified wood, made by mother nature herself ....

The company's name, Nature's Art, is new, but in fact we have been your petrified wood specialist for collectors items and interior applications since 2000.


We sell to shops, wholesalers and end users.

Own import and production (such as: discs, table tops, side tables, washbasins, decorative items and much more).


For us, because of our love for petrified wood, the emphasis is on quality and uniqueness

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How did it all start? 

While we were still living in Jakarta, at a gathering upon the death of a common friend, I was asked whether I could arrange an order of petrified wood for America.

After all, this was found in the same province as where I lived (West Java).

It was great to visit the dozens of suppliers and to be able to work with petrified wood. During a vacation in the Netherlands I tried my luck at a few large companies and it turned out to be a great success.

20 years ago we started processing and exporting from a small shed in Indonesia. Due to high demand, we moved to a larger space a few times. Here we not only store petrified wood, but also process, pack and ship out.  


Since 2018 we have also offered our products to you, the end user.

6 years ago we moved to Belgium. The specialized staff in Indonesia continues the work. 


Here you can click for our gallery (slices, table tops, side tables, washbasins, decorative pieces, spheres and much more) from beautiful petrified wood.

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